I'm usually listening to music while I'm working, but I can't share those tunes with you directly on my Twitch stream.  Why not?  Because I gave my word that I wouldn't broadcast music that I haven't licensed, when I agreed to the Twitch Terms of Service.  Integrity isn't always convenient, but that doesn't make it optional.

Fortunately there's a passionate internet radio community out there already, broadcasting music with legitimate licenses to make sure artists get paid in full. Here's a list of the stations I'm usually listening to.  Feel free to tap in and listen with me.

A warning for headphone users, some of these stations may autoplay!



  1. DilemaRadio - "Broadcasting non-stop the latest, best, and the forgotten Hip Hop music straight from New York."

  2. Bassdrive - "24/7 Drum & Bass radio station featuring live shows with guest DJs, and  broadcasts from venues all over the world."

  3. Trippin' The Rift - "Trip-hop, Downtempo, Chillout, Nu Jazz, Abstract Hip-hop."

  4. Vocea Strazii - "Street Voice: Underground Romanian Hip-Hop"

  5. Soulful Web Station - "Chillout and Soul from Tokyo, Japan."

  6. Radyo Fenomen - "Turkish Rap and Hip-Hop."

  7. TrancePulse - "24/7 Trance music from Dublin, Ireland."

  8. El Bloke - "Reggaeton, hiphop and dancehall Miami style."

  9. Generations FR -" 24/7 French rap, hip-hop, and soul from Paris, France."

  10. JungleTrain -"24/7 Drum & Bass and Jungle, from the Netherlands."