Who are you?  I'm aboniks, and I'm an artist.  I've been at this game for a couple decades, and apparel technology is finally catching up to my imagination.  This limited edition streetwear label is the result, and it carries my name out in to the world.  It's a tiny family business with a global footprint and personalized service.

What's with all the acronyms on this site?  If you're feeling lost and you need to learn the lingo, here's a crash course for you.

How do you do this? Every piece you see here is born in my camera and 3D modeled in my studio deep in the Michigan woods.  Most of the time I stream my design sessions live on Twitch.  My initial designs head to my production partners for fabrication, and the completed gear returns from the factory to my studio for finishing touches. My family and I pack it up and ship it to you.

Where is this clothing made? When you order, fabrication starts in Guangzhou, a city where 2,000 years of advanced textile production experience meets 21st century apparel design technology.  Custom fabric printers spin up my design files, and CAD layouts lead to laser cuts.  Each piece is hand sewn by tailors skilled in their craft and garment washed to reduce shrinkage and maintain comfort, all with dedicated multi-stage quality control.  Chinese manufacturing gets a bad rap, but my gear is top quality and my partners at SKYOU run a clean shop staffed with experts.  They're the best casual luxury apparel manufacturer I've ever seen, and their finished product blows the competition away, which is why I work with them.

Why does delivery take so long?  For the same reason that a bag of ramen noodles is ready faster than a six course meal.  Art takes time to produce, and personal service can't be rushed.  The fashion industry has us trained to chase instant gratification, charging obscene premiums for low-effort merch that's cheap to make and easy to fake. They pump it out by the ton from sweat shops, shuffle it around the world on container ships, stock it in huge warehouses, and funnel it to low rent e-tail and retail venues that have more in common with cattle pens than they do with an artist's studio or a tailor's workshop.  I'm not down with "mass luxury".  It's an illusion peddled by slick marketing agencies that make a living polishing turds as the fall off the assembly line.  

But what's the hold up, specifically?  I don't have a warehouse, because your piece is custom made when you order it.  Initial fabrication requires a couple of weeks, because every stage is checked for perfection and there's a lot of hands-on stitching work to be done. Your piece is shipped 7,419 miles from Guangzhou to my studio in Michigan for final-stage quality control.  I personally inspect every piece, hand sign and number them, and enter them into the Certilogo system.  Once your order is ready, my family and I pack it in the most environmentally friendly shipping materials available and hand it off to a trusted courier service.  Then we notify you that the order has shipped, and send the tracking information you need so you can keep an eye on your investment.

What if there's a problem? You've got a package from me. You pop the lid and inspect the goods. Something's screwed up.  I know sometimes bad things happen to good packages, and I also know that busy people can't always get to a package the second it arrives, so you've got 48 hours from delivery to notify me if your piece is damaged.  I've got a very simple returns policy.  Problems like this are pretty rare, so most likely everything will be solid.  

How do I know if a piece is legit?  If you're buying directly from this website, you're golden.  Every piece you buy here is signed, numbered, and tagged by yours truly.  Just open the package and scan the Certilogo tag to register your new gear, stash the tag someplace safe, recycle the packaging, and rock on. 

What if I'm buying from another collector?  Spotting fake streetwear is getting harder every year as brands lower production quality to increase their profits, while bootleg manufacturers are growing increasingly sophisticated.  It's even harder when brands are deliberately leveraging counterfeit gear to generate hype.
I believe in giving my patrons and collectors the tools to keep each other honest, instead of wasting your time chasing down genuine gear. I do that by taking the guesswork out of the resale game, by footing the bill for the most advanced apparel authentication services on the planet.  If you're reselling my work or buying it from one of my collectors, you should use the Certilogo artificial intelligence to verify that a piece is authentic when it's offered for sale, and double-check it on delivery to make sure that you got what you paid for.    

Where can I learn more?  Hit me up on Twitter or come hang out with me on Twitch, and I'll fill you in.