Dirty secret incoming: The designer isn't always right.

Most brands that sell “limited edition” streetwear don't give you many options when it comes to getting the right fit, because designers have to make a guess about which cuts and sizes will be most popular. That guesswork can leave you out in the cold if you want an women's XS t-shirt but the designer thought that men's XXXL long sleeves were going to be all the rage.

My Cross-Cut Colorways offer a different approach to limited editions, and they make sure that you get the cut you want in the size you need. My approach also guarantees that your piece is truly limited edition, and that you can prove it's genuine if you ever want to resell it.

Here's how it works: I limit my colorways, and I let you choose how you want them cut. Inventory numbers on my site are cross linked, so when you see a row of pieces in the same colorway, they're all part of the same edition. When you buy any one of them in any size, the inventory number drops by one across the board.

You choose the colorway, the cut, and the size.  I can do it this way because every piece I sell is is custom work, and it's made to order. What this means is that there will never be more than 30 pieces made of each Red Label colorway, and never more than 130 pieces made of each Black Label.  Your piece is hand signed and numbered by yours truly, tagged by Certilogo to guarantee it's authentic, and shipped out.

Bottom line: You get exactly what you want, and you can prove it's genuine.